catwelcome MOOCH catwelcome
Welcome Furry Pals, Let's have a Catnip Party
and gossip about our Humans.

TUX Hello there TUX, come right on in, you are looking good let's put a nickel in the jukebox and get this party going!


      To turn the music off, click the right button on the console.


      Here are Granny's boys Kokers & Ziggy, you guys look
      all dressed up to party, come and join the fun.


      Well, Hello Beautiful Banshee,Queen of my heart,
      promise me the first dance purrty please.

      Step right on in Buttons, Smokey & Leo,
      the fun has just begun, help yourself to some treats,
      we have all sorts of goodies here.How is your mom SueCat?

      Look at that pizza go, what do we have to drink around here?
      beer champagne catmilk2 coke coffee
      Looks like we've got something for every feline's tastebuds here,
      come and enjoy!

      Murphy Zoe
      Welcome Murphy and Zoe
      So glad your mom Margo let you come and party with us.

      Let me introduce you to Sheba, Sabrina, Sapphire and Tiffany,they
      live just next door and always know where to go for a good time.

      Isn't that Sabrina a Looker, she is sure to turn
      the head of many Toms out there.

      But MY heart belongs to Banshee, here's a Candy Kiss for my Sweetie.
      By the way are your brothers and sisters (the rugrats) joining the party?
      (just to keep an eye on us, I'm sure)

      Hey Garfield leave some of those donuts
      for the rest of us, please.

      Looks like Tux is having a good time,
      his mom BARB will be pleased.


      Hi here Jade, you're running a bit late, Koko & Ziggy are having a lot of fun already,
      is Toto coming also?

      What are you up to Sheba?
      Guess you want to snuggle up close to the wine bottle.

      Oh no, don't get any ideas Red,
      Mom won't like it
      if we upset the little fishies

      TOTO Knock, Knock, look here is Toto, he really wants to
      party with us. How can one resist those beautiful eyes?
      Let him in, he promised to be a good boy. Look he even brought us some more wine.

      wine Good Boy,Toto!

      Scootercar Listen! I hear a car outside,oh look it's Scooter. He drove all the way from Texas just to be with us. Lets give him a big and hearty Welcome Hug. We love that Dream Mobile, how fast can it go?


      Step right on in Misty,
      You are looking gorgeous tonight
      Thank you Carol for letting Misty join us.

      Scooter Sabrina
      Hey Scooter, I see you have met Sabrina. You make such a cute couple. Please teach us some good Texas two-stepping, we have just the right music for it. Aw, look at these two, I think this Texan really really likes our li'l northern Princess Sabrina. Do we have any other couples here?

      PSST!!! I heard that Misty and BooBoo are an item. Let's ask all
      these cute *couples* to join us on the dance floor.

      Hello and welcome sweet little Alice from Cleveland,
      we're so happy you came by for a visit.

      Welcome Joschi from Germany. You certainly have traveled a long way to party with us. Someone told me that you would like to do the Twist. Is everybody ready? Please join us on the dance floor and let's all twist again. Enjoy the party and as they say in Germany *Viel Spass* (Have Fun)

      Hello Princess Hope, did we wake you up with our loud paw-stomping
      music? Were you just dreamin' about mousies? Wake up and join us, we
      have all your favorite goodies.Thanks Shelly for letting Hope come over.

      Look, we have some new arrivals: It's Yetta and Annie from Boston.
      Mooch you sly Tomcat, you sure know all the pretty Ladies.
      Let's give them a hearty welcome!

      Yetta" Annie

      I see you brought your friend *Blu* along.
      He sure is beautiful.He is a blue and gold macaw. Paws off,
      my fellow felines, everyone here is a friend.

      A Big Welcome to Mikey - Hudson Valley's Finest.
      Are your pals Samantha and Opala joining us later?
      Thank you furry much for the Catnip!

      Welcome pretty Pumpkin from Cornwall.
      Are you taking a little catnap between dances?

      Howdy there pretty girl Tuffy from Texas.
      Get yourself a dancin' partner and show us how to do the Texas Two Step.
      Have fun little one and enjoy the party.

      Tuffy Girl resting in Basket

      WOW, Tuffy you sure danced up a storm.
      Time for a little catnap until the next round.

      tigger3 Looks like we're having a great party here
      if you would like to join us
      please e-mail me your picture. emailtigger

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      Photographs of all the beautiful furkids here are from my friends.
      Thanks so much for sharing.


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