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Come join me at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria

There will be plenty of beer and good food for everyone.

Tall Beer Pretzel Tall Beer

OktoberfestSign History of the Oktoberfest
It all began with a royal bavarian wedding in 1810.
King Ludwig I, wanted to celebrate his marriage to Maria Theresia of Saxonia by proclaiming a state fair in Munich.
He chose the now famous Theresienwiese (Theresia meadow)
as the place to celebrate. The festival was dedicated to the fall harvest and the Region's most famous product, the BEER. It was such a success that Ludwig issued a royal Declaration
to turn October into Festival Time in Munich.

Beerstein" Beerstein Beerstein

So let's join the festivities, I want to find a cozy beer tent
and listen to some good bavarian oompah music. How about you?

Hofbraeuhaus Hacker Tent
So many tents to chose from, what's a beer lovin' cat to do???
The traditional Munich brewery Hofbrauhaus on the right is the number one
tourist attraction here. The tent is decorated with hops to compliment
the National Drink. A bavarian brass band plays original beer drinking music
to put you in just the right mood for partying

The Hacker Tent is lovingly decorated with clouds and stars.
There is a very popular bavarian story about a man from Munich who dies
and goes to Heaven, where he is bored and grumpy. He makes everyone
unhappy so they send him back on a mission to the Munich Town Hall. However,
he ends up in a beer tent where he remains happily ever after.This tent
attracts the younger felines because it offers Popular music in the evening.

Bavarion Lion Loewenbrau Tent Bavarian Lion

Look at this, that's my tent, The Loewenbrau (Lions'Brew)
see those Royal Bavarian Lions right next to it?
Let's go in sit a while, drink beer and listen to the Band.
I wonder who is playing today?

GuitarMooch AccordionMooch


BeerMooch" TrumpetMooch

Hey, it's the MOOCH Band! I know these guys. They're great!
Let's buy them all a beer and ask them to play some of our favorite songs.

Beer Beer Beer Beer

I am getting kind of hungry, let's see what we can find here...

Bratwurst WurstMan FarmWurst
Delicious! Go ahead help yourself there is plenty for everyone
LotsaBeer" BeerMan"
Drink up, there is more where that came from!
Let's visit some more beer tents.

Hippodrome Tent Schottenhamel

The Hippodrom is a very popular tent. This is where the International
crowd meets and it also has the highest *flirt* factor among the
Oktoberfest tents. It's very easy to meet people at their champagne bar
Many TV and Movie stars are known to come here.
Maybe we can meet the world famous Mooch from
the Mooch Band, shake his paw and get his autograph.

The Schottenhaml is one of the oldest beer tents. This is where the mayor
opens the Oktoberfest with the official tapping of the first beer barrel,
shouting *Ozapft is* meaning *the barrel has been tapped*. Now the party
can begin. The Schottenhaml is known for his original bavarian Gemuetlichkeit
which translates: friendly and cozy social gathering

Bavarian Bavaria Concert Bavarian Flag

Meet the Lovely Lady BAVARIA, also called Patrona Bavaria. In devotion
to bavarian patriotism this 70 ton 60 ft high bronze statue looks down
on the Oktoberfest with kind and watchful eyes, probably wondering what
everyone is up to. Inside you can climb 121 steps.
Be sure not to drink too much beer before. The blue
and white checkered flags are the national colors of Bavaria.

Look at me I am flying, I can see for miles
oh, oh this is high enough, I am getting just a bit dizzy here.
But it is FUN! Come join me.

Triple Loop

Now this looks interesting.
Is anyone brave enough
to ride this triple loop with me?

It is starting to get dark and the Oktoberfest is in full swing.
The Ferris Wheel looks inviting and not too scary, a cozy place to take your
girlfriend and stop for a while way at the top

    OktoberfestbyNight I like all the glittering lights, it looks just like
    in a fairy tale and you expect the King and Queen
    to stroll by any time and ask you to have a cup of
    wine with them. I better buy one of those
    Lebkuchen Hearts for my girlfriend Banshee to let her know how much she means to me.

Well, it's time to say Auf Wiedersehen or until we meet again.
I hope you all had a great time at the Oktoberfest, and that
you will be back for some more fun next time. Here are
some interesting facts: The Oktoberfest attracts about 7 million visitors, they drink 5 million liters of beer, eat about 600,000 sausages, and other german goodies, so you know everyone
is having a great time.

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The MoochMan brought home some pretty good
Oktoberfest pictures. He really had a *GAUDI* (Great time) and
hopes you join him in the Fun of Oktoberfest. Stop by the Loewenbrau
Tent and get a free Beer by mentioning the MoochMan.

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