Ribbon Moochsit Ribbon

We are so proud of all these awards and recognitions.
Mom and I could not have accomplished these pages
without the help of our dear family and friends.
THANK YOU all so very much!

    Thank you sweet Banshee Girl,
    you are always on my mind
    You can visit Banshee
    by clicking on her picture.
    BUT, remember She is My Sweetie

    Thank you Leo, this means a lot to us.
    You made our day!!!
    Just click on Leo to visit his beautiful palace

    PSP101 PSP201
    Mom worked really hard for these.
    I helped, of course.


    Mr. Mooch is always ready to learn new tricks. Thank you WebTechU

    Thank you Petsburgh Park, we are honored.

    Thank you Raylene, we sure appreciate this.
    Please visit Raylene and her furkids on her Fun site.

    Thank you SueCat,I really enjoyed my moment of stardom.

    Birthday Mooch
    Thank you SueCat for making this beautiful graphic for my 3rd Birthday.
    I am lucky to have you for my friend.


    Thank you Joschi, we are honored. Please visit Joschi at his cool site.

    Sassy's Award
    Thank you Sassy & Eugenia, we are proud to display this beautiful Award.
    Your site is also a pleasure to visit.


    Prince Mooch

    What an honor, I have been chosen as May's Prince of the Month.
    Thank you Princess Hope and Hope's Mom for selecting me. I will proudly
    wear my crown and rule my kingdom with a firm but velvet paw.

    Prince of the Month Award
    I am excited I even get another certificate for being the Prince, now I feel definitely Royal. If you would also like to become a featured Prince or Princess, please visit Hope's wonderful site.

    I am very proud to be a Member of the Exclusive Hope's Club for
    Pampered Princes and Princesses.


    Congratulations Mr. Mooch for being listed as one of the Best at Petsburgh Park's Top Sites. We really have to celebrate now, so let's get out some treats. Thank you for this Special Award. We will continue to do our best to make our site always a fun place to visit.


    Thank you Petsburgh Cattery Community Center for this Purrfect Award.

    Nela's Award Penny's Award

    Thank you pretty Nela and Penny, you're both very special.
    Mooch and I had lots of Fun visiting your neat site.

    Pride of Petsburgh Award

    We are very honored and proud to have received this beautiful Award.
    Our thanks goes out to all our dear friends who voted for us and also to
    everyone at Petsburgh. We could not have done it without you.
    Purrs from The Mooch and his Mom.

    Thank You Paula and Petsburgh for this inspiring Award.

    Simba and Collin's Award

    Thank you Simba and Collins for this beautiful Award.
    Your web page is also a fun place to hang out at.


    Thank you LuvKitty, we enjoy visiting your site.
    We especially love to browse through your stylish kitty fashions

    Anita's Kitty Heaven Award
    Thank you dear Anita with the same name as my meowmie
    We appreciate your award.

    Thank you Mewpe, we think you are a very special FurAngel
    we will treasure this lovely Award

    Thank you KeeKee, you are so much fun to be with.

    Many Purrs and Thanks, BratCats

    Thanks again BratCats,
    please visit them, they just love company.

    Queen Bitsy'sAward
    Thank You Queen Bitsy, this makes us feel very special.
    Come visit the Castle, there is always a Party going on there.

    Beach Favor
    I had the Best Fun in the Sun at Hope's Birthday Party Beach Bash.

    Calvin's Dreamy Award
    Thank you dear Calvin, your site is a lot of fun to visit.

    Every Cat Counts Award Angel of Mercy Award
    Thank you Calvin and Sabrina, these awards mean a lot to us.
    We had so much fun visiting your cool site.

    Always In Our Hearts
    Thank you again Calvin & Sabrina, we will always keep
    a very Special place in our heart for our beloved Rainbow Kitty Angels.

    Please visit our Rainbow Kitties by clicking on the Angel above.

    Bo's Award for Our Rainbow AngelKitties
    Thank you so much Bo, we and our Angel Kitties are honored.

    Judy and Sabrina's Award
    Thank you Sabrina and Judy, we love it.

    Ginny Award
    Thank you Ginny and Diane. Please visit this beautiful site and find out
    how you can help Ginny the *Hero* of all cats in need.

    Many Purrs and Thanks dear Lucille and Stan

    We feel very honored to receive this beautiful Award from Germany.
    Viele Dankeschoen Purrs to Netty and the *Samtpfoetchen*

    Petsburgh Blue Ribbon Award
    Thank You Geocities Petsburgh for this beautiful Award.

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